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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a technique that uses low-level wavelengths of visible red LEDs to rejuvenate the skin. Red light therapy produces an effect that can promote healthy skin, help with the appearance of blemishes and fine lines, and minimize breakouts. The SolaWave Wand uses visible red light with a centroid wavelength of 660 nanometers, the optimal range to improve the skin’s appearance and achieve a smooth and even tone.

In a 2014 randomized controlled trial on red light treatment, 75% of participants showed a significant improvement in the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles using similar technologies.

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Micro currents

Microcurrent is low-voltage electrical waves used to ‘work out’ the muscles of the face by stimulating the muscles and deeper layers of the dermis of the skin. Microcurrent promotes smooth, healthy skin and boosts the appearance of the skin by counteracting common symptoms of aging. The SolaWave Wand delivers an average of 300 microamps of microcurrent directly to the skin to help the skin look and feel healthy, smooth, and glowing.

A 2012 randomized clinical trial has shown that microcurrent therapies have been able to improve wrinkles by over 20% in patients after just two sessions, resulting in an over 70% satisfaction rate in those who pursued microcurrent treatments for their skin issues.

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Facial Massage

Facial massage has long been used in Eastern beauty practices as a method of decreasing the appearance of puffiness, draining toxicity from the face's lymphatic system, and making the shape of the face appear slimmer and refreshed. With the SolaWave Wand's low vibration function, the gentle massage not only soothes the skin, but can improve the appearance of skin as well. Facial massage boosts the skin’s natural radiance, leading to smoother and healthier skin.  

In a 2017 study of massaging device, the majority of clinical participants using a massaging device perceived an improvement of sagging, fine lines, smoother and healthier skin, and a lifting effect after 4 weeks of treatment.

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Therapeutic Warmth

Applying heat directly to the skin encourages a process known as “vasodilation”, or the widening of blood vessels, leading to increased local blood flow, circulation, and the temporary opening of pores. The SolaWave Wand’s heated head evenly delivers soothing warmth at approximately 100°F that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eye, leading to a beautiful, healthy glow.

According to Dr. Taruna Yadav, senior Ayurveda expert featured in Vogue, “Hot temperatures or heat therapy increases the blood flow in the skin, allowing oxygen and nutrients to move through blood vessels which is essential for the regrowth of damaged tissue."

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Note: These studies were conducted by 3rd parties not affiliated with SolaWave and were not studying the effectiveness of The SolaWave Wand specifically.

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"I've been specializing in microcurrent for 9 years and the SolaWave is a great microcurrent tool you can use in the comfort of your own home--with the added benefit of red light therapy working together at the same time. The SolaWave Wand is compact, approachable, affordable, and above all, is effective and safe for all ages and skin types. I always have clients asking how they can treat fine lines and puffiness in between appointments – this is it!"

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Shamara Bondaroff
Esthetician and founder of SB Skin
Featured in Vogue, Elle, & Into the Gloss
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“After my esthetician recommended SolaWave to me, I took the plunge and its made such an improvement in my skin”
red light therapy devicesred light therapy devicesred light therapy devicesred light therapy devicesred light therapy devices
– LIz, 69
led light therapy for skin
“I really love the wand - my skin feels hydrated, and I've already noticed a significant difference in the wrinkles on my forehead.”
– Ester, 69
led light therapy before and after
“So far I’ve seen some major improvements in my frown lines and neck wrinkles, and it’s only been a few weeks!!!”
– Bailey, 32
led light therapy review
“My 11s and Crow’s Feet are GONE! Obsessed”
– Noelle, 33
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